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    Guest Stories: Heartfelt Moments in Dubai

    Our customer's feedback is essential in building a great reputation and maintaining excellent service. By listening to our customer's needs, we can improve our offerings and provide an exceptional travel experience.

    Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan
    Outstanding service! This agency particularly Trupti has been incredibly fast in arranging my visa a few times. Highly recommend!
    Nandita Saggu
    Nandita Saggu
    Extremely responsive and quick! Trupti is my contact there and is absolutely amazing!
    Shankar Menon
    Shankar Menon
    My first experience with Forever tourism and it was great. Latit who helped me out was on pont and delivered as promised.
    Upul Anjana
    Upul Anjana
    I am very thankful to Ms. Hashani. She made it clear to me that she would do everything for my flight. She kept talking to me on the phone until I went to Kuwait and came back to Dubai. I see it as a good thing to have such a worker in your company. She arranged for my visa copy to be received very quickly and I received my visa before the visas of the other passengers on my flight. Thank you sister MS HASHANI for her support 💝
    Afroz Walile
    Afroz Walile
    Great service! I have been using their services since 14 years and never had to follow up or chase on anything. They are all very responsive and easy to deal with. Prices are also reasonable. Recently, I needed visit visas for my family urgently. Ms Hashani was great support! She made sure that the visa applications were submitted quickly and I received the visas same day!
    Fatou Conteh
    Fatou Conteh
    The quality of the services by Ms.Hashani provided was nothing short of exceptional. the efficiency of her processes, the precision in her work, or the final output, everything exceeded my expectations. It was evident that she is highly skilled and dedicated to delivering top-notch results.
    Vandana Pawar
    Vandana Pawar
    I was very happy with the professional and prompt service offered by Forever Tourism for my tourist and transit visa to UAE! Trupti and Lalit from Forever Tourism expedited the visa process and provided me with prompt support and service. Thank you very much!
    I had the pleasure of working with Ms.Hashani for my visa application, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. She demonstrated great professionalism and commitment to ensuring my visa approval. First she checked if there’s any restrictions for the country then proceeded with seamless process and I received my visa on time.
    Janette Marcelino
    Janette Marcelino
    Thank you Forever tourism for helping me to process my Japan Visa especially Ms. Hashani for helping me, she gave all the details everything was very easy…absolutely recommended Ms. Hashai
    Rola Takieddine
    Rola Takieddine
    Worst experience ever. Because of their mistakes my Schengen visa got refused!

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