Apply For Schengen Visa Online


Apply For Schengen Visa Online

Schengen visa from UAE

UAE is one of the favourite tourist spot for travelers all over the world. UAE residents also love to visit other countries. UAE is one of the top countries in which resident’s approaches for Schengen embassies for processing visa.

Documents needed by UAE Citizen to enter Schengen

  • Travel document or UAE passport is required with a validity of 3 months beyond the stay.
  • Proof for the visit is needed to be submitted.
  • Evidence needed to be submitted which explains applicants financial status to know whether they can stay or not.
  • Some other documents are needed which is required by specific states.

Schengen area allows UAE citizen to travel without possessing a Schengen visa. UAE residents can visit Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland etc.

Who is eligible for getting Schengen visit visa from UAE

  • UAE passport holders who got rejected in the previous trial for a visa free entry to Schengen.

Foreigners who lives in UAE based on a temporary or permanent residence in which:

  • Those who belong to the country which possess an agreement based on visa free contract with Schengen and whose chance is refused before.
  • Those who belong to any countries that doesn’t have any visa free contract with Schengen.

Documents for Schengen visa for UAE residence

  • Application form needed to be fulfilled completely with honest details. Needed to take the print twice and get signed on both of the prints at end.
  • Valid passport which should possess 10 years validity and needed to be issued before at least 3 months beyond the applicant who plan to leave Schengen.
  • Two photographs which has been taken within the time period of last three months according to the standard taken by Schengen authority.
  • Evidence to prove that the applicant is a resident in UAE. It must be valid for 3 months after the departure from Schengen.
  • Travel Flight Itinerary needed by having a document that permits applicant to reserve a flight ticket from UAE to Schengen and back to UAE which possess the correct dates to enter and leave Schengen area.
  • Cover letter which allows knowing the need of the applicant to visit Europe by explaining which countries applicant may wish to visit and the time they wish to spend there.
  • Evidence of accommodation is needed in which a document which proves that where the applicant is getting accommodated for the entire visit in Schengen. This may be a booked hotel, rent agreement or it can be an invitation letter by the host where the applicant stays.

Evidence about financial stability to know whether the applicant possess enough money to support themselves financially till the end of your stay in Schengen. This can be in the form of any which is listed below


  • As a bank account statement which shows that applicant possesses enough bank balance in their account which is needed for the trip. The bank statement should not exceed the validity of 3 months.
  • A sponsorship letter which explains that another person will financially support the applicant throughout the trip to Schengen. This letter should be valid if it will be submitted with the bank statement of sponsor which doesn’t exceed the time limit of 3 months.
  • A letter of sponsorship and applicant’s bank account statement is needed.
  • Europe travel insurance in which a document is needed which proves that the applicant have a health insurance for the complete Schengen area with a coverage of 30,000 euros in need of any accidents, medical emergency, repatriation in the case of death. Travel insurance companies will provide the essential insurance certificate which is needed while applying for a Schengen tourist visa from Dubai.

Other Needed details while applying for different types of Schengen visa 

Business visa

This type of visa holders doesn’t need to possess citizenship of designated country to do their business requirements till such permissions have its own limitations also.


Tourist visa

Schengen tourist visa from Dubai allows third country people to enter the area of Schengen to a time period of 90 days with validity of 6 months for completing their purpose of visiting.


Visitor visa

For applying to get a Schengen visit visa from Dubai you need to mention purpose of visiting such as meeting friends / relatives, and the applicants nationality must be in the list of countries which allows their nationals requirements for a short staying visa in Schengen.


Transit visa

This visa allows for applicants who needed to enter only in the territory of Schengen for changing means of their transport. Transit visas are of two – mainly as Airport Transit Schengen Visa and Transit Schengen Visa for Seafarers.

How to get applied for Schengen visa UAE

  • Check and make sure that which embassy or consulate you needed to apply for Schengen visa.
  • Try to get an appointment at embassy
  • Confidently attend the visa interview
  • Wait for the embassy response
  • Your application needed 15 days to get processed and you will be informed the result. Every application is only processed within embassy only.

Schengen visa price for residents of UAE in AED

Schengen visa from Dubai costs are listed below

  • Adult : 340 AED
  • Children who is between 6- 12 years :170 AED
  • Children who is under 6 years :  Free
  • Applicants who possess diplomatic and service passport : Free
  • Applicant who is a family member of EU or EEA national : Free

How to apply Schengen visa from Dubai?

Contact any of the Visa Specialist or expert at Forever Tourism and leave the visa application worries on us.  Get instant assistance with Schengen visa experts and get relieved with all the Visa processing worries. Simply contact Forever tourism. Contact us at: or on +971-526661143

Answers to your frequently asked Questions

is it difficult to get Schengen visa from UAE?

It will take 15 working days for completing the entire process and in some cases it may take more time

How can a person get Schengen visa from UAE?

Applicant needed to submit application form which is signed carefully and completed with accurate reasons. Passport must be not more than 10 year with a validity of 3 or more months while leaving Schengen.

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