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The Top 10 Cool Exhibitions in Dubai You’ve Never Seen

Dubai Are you a fan of art who wants to know where to go in the UAE to get your fill of art and culture? Don’t look too far away. This month, Dubai has some colourful art shows. Here are seven art galleries to see. If you want to go on a Dubai city tour, contact one of the best travel and tour agency in the UAE.

The Top 10 Cool Exhibitions in Dubai You’ve Never Seen

1. Ishara Art Foundation, “Notations of Time”

A group show called “Notations on Time” looks at the philosophical and political aspects of time through the works of 20 contemporary South Asian artists. The exhibition sets up a conversation between artists from different generations to show how the past, present, and future are all connected. Notations on Time has art by Sheba Chhachhi, Ladhki Devi, Gauri Gill, Rajesh Vangad, Aziz Hazara, Amar Kanwar, Mariah Lookman, Haroon Mirza, Lala Rukh, Dayanita Singh, Chandraguptha Thenuwara, and Zarina, among others.

2. Bedia Gallery, Al Khayat Avenue

Bedia Gallery is on Al Khayat Avenue in Al Quoz, which is the city’s new art district. It shows the unique abstract paintings of Turkish-German artist Kemal Yazici. Yazici says that his art is the result of all the different things he has done in his life, in different cultures, countries, and jobs. His background in architecture has taught him to appreciate different structures and textures. Because of this, he has a style that is very personal and shows his history and roots. He mostly uses oil and acrylic paints, and by layering and scraping paint on a stretched canvas, he makes sure that the textures and colours work well together. The gallery is open to everyone, and there is no charge to get in.

3. The Jameel Arts Centre has performances of art.

As part of the group show “An Ocean in Every Drop,” which runs until April 2, 2023, at the Jameel Arts Center in Dubai, there are performances. Programs are free and open to everyone, but you have to sign up because space is limited.

4. Check back, Carbon. 12

For Gil Heitor Corteso’s fifth solo show with CARBON 12, the title was Rebours, which in French means “backwards.” The artist creates new pieces using a method that is unique to him: reverse painting on plexiglass, which is a clear glass substitute. The artist uses layers to create a sense of illusion and a contrast between what the viewer can see and what they can imagine might be there.

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5. The Land We Came From, Lawyer Lawrie Shabibi

The artist Larry Amponsah’s first solo show is at Lawrie Shabibi, an art gallery with a simple space that shows modern works by Middle Eastern and North African artists. The exhibition, called “The Soil From Which We Came,” continues the artist’s use of collage and painting to change, rearrange, and experiment with images from the past. His art tries to make people think about how everything is connected and focuses on modern black culture, identity, politics, and history.

6. Perrotin Dubai, Takashi Murakami

This month is the last chance to see some of the most famous works by the famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Murakami combines the precision and skill of traditional Japanese art with new ways of doing things. He is known for his “superflat” style, which is colourful and two-dimensional and combines parts of anime, Japanese nihonga, and Ukiyo-e woodcuts. This style straddles the line between fine art and pop culture.

7. Tabari Artspace, “Under Your Eyes.”

Ziad Al Najjar, an Emirati visual artist, has his own show called “Under Your Eyes.” His two- and three-dimensional works of art push the limits of process, material, and how we see things.

Al Najjar spent 18 months making a new body of work for Under Your Eyes. It is made up of silkscreen prints and works on canvas. Al Najjar’s work is full of symbols and ideas from the natural world and his everyday life. He does this by making organic and inorganic shapes interact with each other. The artist thinks about how the natural, built, and spiritual worlds are all connected and how they relate to his life in the present.

8. Leila Heller Gallery

Ana D’Castro’s solo show Efflorescence: Variations on Color shows how colours can show our deepest feelings and connections. Every part of her project is a dynamic dive into a world of colour, made up of beautiful movements of colour. Her work combines art, architecture, and the passage of time.

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9. Green Art Gallery

Michael Rakowitz’s first solo show is at the Green Art Gallery. The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist is part of his ongoing project about cultural heritage that is in danger, has been destroyed, or is missing. After the Iraq war in 2007, when many national treasures were stolen from museums, this project was born. Rakowitz has made copies of the sculptures that were stolen by making paper mache out of Arabic-English newspapers and western Asian food packaging found in diaspora supermarkets. He did this by using images and information from databases.

10. Masterpiece Art Gallery

The exhibition “The Oasis of the Soul: New Sincerity” is about modern issues. New sincerity tries to fight against the cynicism of the modern world by encouraging people to be honest. a collection of works by artists from around the world, all of which look for answers and the real meaning of life. Visitors can expect to see art that is both easy on the eyes and makes you think.


Dubai is one of those cities where you can always find something to do. If you want to spice up your week with some culture, check out these art shows in Dubai.

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