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KidZania Dubai : Everything you need to Know about The Kids Very Own City In Dubai Mall

Dubai, a glittering city, is like a treat for both adults and children. This Emirati city pleases all of your senses and then some! Traveling to Dubai with the kids can be one of the best vacation decisions you make thanks to a plethora of activities that keep them happy, entertained, and singing praises of your choice while they grow and learn throughout their travels! With its stunning skyscrapers and world-class hotels, it will be more like a playground for adventurous children where they can have an amazing time riding bicycles in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), rollerblading in Marina Mall, or swimming in Wild Wadi Water Park. Aside from having fun at unlimited sights, the real treat comes when you watch the cathedrals light up in different shapes because it’s something they wouldn’t normally see back home! Family travels are never easy so this really is one of the world’s best experiences to add to your bucket list if traveling with kids as part of the family.

When it comes to entertaining the kids of Dubai, parents are spoilt for choice. There are many choices for instant fun like the beaches, malls, themed cafes, and much more. Now there is a new option for the kids along with the adults. KidZania Dubai opened in Dubai Mall on the 14th of March 2017. Here is everything you need to know about the kid’s very own city in Dubai Mall.

All about KidZania Dubai Mall

Kidzania Dubai is the world’s first city that is designed to offer a working roleplay experience for kids. With a play city designed for kids and an ever-increasing array of services, KidZania is much more than just a ‘playground’ for kids. KidZania was created to serve as a bridge to prepare kids for the challenges and joys of the real world. It provides a safe, yet realistic, city environment where kids can learn what it takes to be a citizen of the world.

It is the world’s largest interactive, educational, entertainment, and life-size city – a place where kids become role models and young imaginations take flight. KidZania is a world where children are in charge and adults are in the background. Here, kids are king and every day is a non-stop adventure in which they can work, create, play and explore.

Exciting things to do keep kids of all ages entertained at KidZania. Featuring 80+ jobs for children to explore, this fun-filled and educational experience gives kids a chance to use their imagination to learn about the many careers available out there in today’s world. Your family can create special memories while having a lot of fun shopping and playing games together – it’s made up of huge malls, movie theatres, and amusement parks offering an exciting environment that everyone is going to enjoy!

As soon as you step into this colossal city of fun and learning, KidZania you will be suddenly taken into a completely different land that is jam-packed with stimulating activities and adventures. It’s a complete world built to scale where kids can explore and learn while having the time of their lives. Not only are they engaging in highly-stimulating activities, but they’re also gaining tons of hands-on experience throughout the cities many educational facilities! Everyone is encouraged to earn money through their hard work but it doesn’t stop at earning either – our teachers make sure children understand what else it means when it comes down to actually spending on real products and services too!

List of Activities to do in KidZania Dubai

All these activities at Kidzania Dubai are set up to ensure kids learn tangible life skills that help them grow both personally and interpersonally while keeping the needs of society in mind.

1. Fire Station activity at KidZania


With fire engines, uniforms, and a siren, kids will love to play pretend as they get to put out fires..


2. Dental Industry activity at KidZania

Kids can play the role of a dentist and this has many educational benefits. They get to learn about the importance of oral hygiene, which ends up having positive effects on their overall health, something which we all aim for as parents. Furthermore, playing dentist can bring with it many positives helping your kid develop an interest in science and engineering..


3. Hospital Activity at Kidzania

While parents get to practice taking care of patients, children often play the role of nurses. They also might pretend to be doctors and conduct simple surgeries on younger kids or act as pharmacists and dispense medicine to other children in their pretend hospitals.


4. Fashion boutique activity at KidZania

It’s every little fashionista’s dream to put on a show on the runway. Kids can practice putting together outfits and displaying their imagination while they play. Mom and dad can watch proudly in the audience, taking photos or footage of their mini model strutting their stuff!.


5. Pizza express activity at KidZania

Pizza express lets folks know that it’s easy for one to get hands-on experience making their own pie because they can learn to make it from scratch, with their favorite toppings, and bring it home too..


6. TV Studio Activity at KidZania

Kids get the chance to be anyone they want to be and do anything they can imagine when they embrace the art of drama..


7. Bank Activity at KidZania

Kids aren’t just small adults; they are unique individuals who live in a special world. At KidZania, the economy is run by kids who get to create their own bank accounts and play the role of a banker – realizing it isn’t as easy as it seems!.


8. Supermarket Activity at KidZania

Kids should learn valuable life lessons and shop with kids is a great way to do so. Kids can either choose to learn how to be successful entrepreneurs or challenge themselves to work within a certain budget while also improving their math skills – they are going to enjoy either way because as parents, we want our kids to develop valuable life skills. We hope you encourage your little ones to play role-playing games like crafting a recipe for a product (which is something that might come in handy later in their lives)..


9. Chocolate factory Activity at KidZania

In today’s round of entrepreneurship for kids, here at KidZania have a fun activity about making chocolates at home and taking them with you to share with your family..


10. Flight simulator Activity at KidZania

Kids get to explore the sky using our state-of-the-art flight simulator based on a real flydubai plane. They have the option of becoming the pilot themselves or they can create 3-D avatars of their family and friends and act out any scenario they wish within an actual flydubai aircraft cockpit setting. They also provide an inflight entertainment system with over 80+ TV channels to choose from, including movies and cartoons alongside learning tools that help them learn about aviation principles such as landing safely, caring for injured passengers or how to spot storm clouds in the distance..


Must read before visiting Kidzania Dubai

1. KidZania provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn about money through play! To enter KidZania, children must be at least four years old.

2. Children under the age of three can go to the Toddler Zone if they’d like.

3. Visitors are advised to purchase tickets in advance because lines are long (over ten minutes at certain times of day). However, one has to be aware that time spent waiting in line will not count toward regular game time!

4. If you’re looking at a less crowded activity to take part in, it might be advisable for you to schedule this on a weekday.

5. Running around doing these activities would be uncomfortable if we were wearing anything other than tennis shoes..


KidZania Dubai ticket price

This is an attraction for kids, but it’s suitable for whole family members to come and visit as well. Kids save on ticket rates from AED 75. To be advised to Pre-book KidZania tickets to avoid long waiting Queues. You can simply contact Forever’s Tours experts to get the best Price on KidZania tickets.

KidZania Dubai Mall Timings

• From Sunday to Wednesday: (10:00 A.M – 10:00 P.M)

• On Thursday: (10:00 A.M – 11:00 P.M)

• On Friday & Saturday: (9:00 A.M – 11:00 P.M)

Location of KidZania at Dubai Mall

You can Find KidZania at the Second level of Dubai Mall, UAE.

Investing in the future of your child is what KidZania Dubai believes in. It’s no secret that kids love to play and make-believe. That’s exactly what makes Kidzania Dubai so great. It’s a place where kids can be kids and have fun, but at the same time, they get to learn valuable skills as they play. So what are you waiting for? Take your kids to Kidzania Dubai at the Dubai Mall today!

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