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Complete Guide and best things to do in Dubai Global Village 2022

Without any doubt we can tell that the best season to visit in Dubai is during winter. At this season Dubai has a festive time where cool breeze wind you outside and furthermore Global Village in Dubai is open now. The most interesting place in Dubai which must be visited by all the travellers when they are in emirate is Dubai Global village. You can be in a solo trip where you can explore the whole place by your own or planning a day with family. However Dubai global village offers you best of the experience when you are at Dubai. As the name reveals place offers you everything you want. Main attraction of the spot is it guarantees to be the world’s biggest tourism and shopping. The main aim of the global village is to bring the backpackers and visitors from all over the world to gather here to enjoy the consortium of entertainment, shopping and dining experiences. If you are in Dubai for the first time, here is an ultimate guide regarding what to do in Global Village which has all information concerning about how to reach at Dubai Global Village, ticket price, and obviously, what are the things to do in global village.

Everything you need to know about Dubai Global Village

Dubai has a generally comfortable weather during the period when this event is hosted. This combined with the fact that you can get an opportunity to taste a fiery cluster of culinary encounters in a single spot, makes the global village an international success, which is best deserve for all the attention that it gets. If you are coming here only for the fireworks, you might be in amazement, since things are just getting started when those fireworks set into brilliant night sky blaze with sparkles and shimmers. The grandeur of the spot is an amazement to observe and the superb hospitality extended by the individuals of Dubai is an experience which you will find somewhere else with hard luck.

What is a Global Village?

Global Village is an annual festival that takes place in Dubai during winter season. It usually starts from November and ends at April. A global village is an exciting event where you could see multiple nations come together to set up their pavilion, offering a complete experience of tradition, shopping, dining and much more. One pavilion is designated to resemble each nation where they display their unique offerings which make the visitors to fill with joy. Each pavilion belonging to a specific country set their stalls and displays what is native to each destination. However, it is very difficult to cover each pavilion completely and you have to skip through some if you want to visit more countries in one day. As the event is really huge, a whole day is not enough to complete the whole place. The village comes with full package including prayer rooms, an information center, toilets, and ATMs. Entry fee for the Dubai global village is nearly to AED 15 per person. There is exclusion in entry fee for children’s below 3 years and seniors above 65 years; off course they can see this wonderful event for free of charges!!


How to reach Dubai global village

You can take your pick from these choices when making a trip to the global village from Dubai Airport:

Metro/Taxi : Take the red line to First Gulf bank and then take a taxi to Global village where you can reach quickly within 50 minutes.

Drive : Drive your vehicle from the airport to Dubai global village which will be nearly to 28 km.

Bus : Take the red line to arrive at Rashidiya and move to the metro stop to arrive at the blue tower. From there take a taxi to arrive at the village.

Best time to visit Dubai Global Village
Best time to visit the global village depends upon the type of events that you would like to see at the village. For fireworks, the days Thursday and Friday are ideal. For a family excursion, choose Monday and it is known as family day as you can find ladies with families all over the village. If you wish to find the least crowds at the event, choose any other day of the week. The timing of Global Village Dubai is from 4 pm to 12 am on weekdays. On public holidays and weekends timing is from 4 pm to 1 am. It is best to visit the global village during the evening hours as you can cover most of the pavilion as well as enjoy until it closes.

What are the things to do in global village?

Carnaval at the Global Village


Once you finish your shopping then we recommend you to go for Carnaval. It is usually found between the Japan and Thailand pavilions. You could find plenty of thrilling rides including Ferris wheel, carousel and many more. The Carnaval is an upcoming attraction for all visitors at Dubai Global village, with enough excitements to keep you on your feet throughout your visit. This stretched funfair offers a lot from thrilling rides to game zones crafted especially for its young visitors. At the heart core of the Carnaval Zone is the Wheel of the World, a 60-meter tall observation deck that offers panoramic views of the entire stunning Village. The spot offers a wide range of experiences which make you get thrilled. One of them is a haunted home themed “Hotel Transylvania”. We know what runs in your mind now. Yes Dracula! Explore the haunted home and enjoy this wonderful experience.


Dining at Global Village

You must try the food at Global Village as it really worth trying. Here you can enjoy a range of delicacies from all around the world. If you are foodie, you will definitely love this place. The food is also a reason why people rush to Global Village tours. Please note that alcoholic beverages are not sold here. Fiesta Street offers you a fusion dining experience which you must not miss.


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