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A Complete Guide on Dubai Dolphinarium – Location, Opening hours, Best time to visit

As the years pass by, you could see that popularity of Dubai Dolphinarium seems to be increasing with time. Dubai Dolphinarium is basically a pool a type of aquarium where the dolphins are displayed to the public. The place provides a complete liberty to have rejuvenating time with the marvelous friendly deep-sea animals. Dolphins are lovely creatures that have a strong bond with human for several years. It is said that dolphins form a protective shields for endangered swimmers from sharks or even towing human beings to shores on some occasions. These friendly creatures are trained by the professionals to exhibit the water stunts that will entertain you. So don’t be stunned if you see dolphins play with a balls or dance for rhythms. Along with dolphins you can also encounter seals here. They are also here to entertain you with their best efforts. Dubai Dolphinarium offers a unique display of these magnificent creatures where you can not only go for a click, but also swim and dance with these amazing dolphins. Other than a fun ride you can go on your belly in the water where you can hug them. You must take a look at Dubai Dolphinarium to find out why you must not miss this attraction in Dubai, especially if you are having a visit with family.  Be free from your routine stress and go for a delightful holiday at Dubai Dolphinarium.

Dubai dolphinarium location

Dubai Dolphinarium is located on Riyadh Street, inside the Creek Park which is conveniently accessible for families living in the Dubai Healthcare City.

How to reach Dubai Dolphinarium
By Metro:

From Airport Terminal 3, you can board a Redline which runs for every 10 minutes. Once you are on board, get down at Burjuman which hardly

take 9 minutes. The nearest Metro station to Dubai Dolphinarium is the one at Dubai Healthcare City which comes on the Green Line route. You can get off at the Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station and then go for a 5-minute taxi ride for the remaining distance. If the weather is pleasant then you can walk to Dubai Dolphinarium which will take barely 15 minutes.

By Taxi:

If you are with family, it is always better to hire a taxi to drop you at your final destination. Dubai Dolphinarium is nearly 10 minutes from the airport. This one way journey may cost nearly to 750 INR.

Things to know before visiting Dubai Dolphinarium

Here are some bits of essential tips to observe while you are in Dubai Dolphinarium:

• Please carry an additional piece of clothing with you if you are planning to swim at Dolphin Planet.

• You must follow certain instructions on every section at Dubai Dolphinarium. Before stepping in please kindly go through all those instructions. These instructions are given in the official website of Dubai Dolphinarium.

• If you have fear of water then it is advisable to avoid swimming.

• Children must be accompanied by the responsible adults.

• Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Dubai Dolphinarium.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Dubai Dolphinarium is during the month of November to March. You can definitely play your visit at this time. If you want to enjoy the place to the fullest, you must make your visit plan in accordance to the show timings. Here we list out Dubai dolphinarium show duration and timings.

1. Dolphin & Seal Show:

There will be 3 shows per day. Shows are scheduled from Monday to Saturday at 11:00 am, 02:00 pm, and 06:00 pm. The discounted show is available on Monday, Friday, and Saturday on shows at 11:00 am

2. Dolphin Planet:

Dolphin Swim show takes place on all days from Monday to Saturday at timings 12:00 pm, 03:00 pm, and 04:00 pm.

3. Creek Park Bird Show:

This show is scheduled on the days from Monday to Saturday at 12:15 pm, 03:15 pm, and 07:15 pm.

Your best time to visit here depend upon your preferred show timings.


Dolphin and Seal Show

Have you ever experienced the charm of dolphins and seal together? If not, Dubai Dolphinarium gives you an opportunity to watch these lovely underwater creatures perform at their best. You will be mesmerized these mighty sea creatures adorable skills and stunts. They are trained well to dance, play balls, and juggle. You will be speechless, if you witness them jumping through the hoops. Your show may last for 45 minutes where these creatures will be presenting their show-stoppers..


Creek Park Exotic Bird Show

Creek Park Exotic Bird Show of Dubai Dolphinarium is the best exotic bird shows in the Middle East. You can see here some of the distinct bird species which probably you might not even be aware of. Creek Park Exotic Bird Show exhibits from Amazon parrots to green-winged macaws. Another specialty is you can see Steller’s Sea Eagle at this Creek Park Exotic Show. You can even ask the professional photographers to take a snap of joyous moments with this mighty bird. Once you are done with this, you can move on to feed some birds under ‘Feed the Birds’ program..


The Trampoline Park

The trampoline park in Dubai Dolphinarium is not just kids only. It is open for people of all ages and doubles the fun when you let your inner child activities out while bouncing off it. The dolphins are not the only creatures performing acrobatics at the Dubai Dolphinarium. Don’t hold yourself from having a great time to enjoy with your friends and family..


Mirror Maze

This one of the Challenge craziest activities you can indulge yourself when you are here. The Dubai Dolphinarium Mirror Maze is dizzying types of life-size mirrors. Once you go into the maze, it is literally impossible to get out. You can still find a way out – as baffling as it may sound, touch the mirrors which guide you towards the exit. You must not miss this funny activity..


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