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A Complete Guide on Dubai Butterfly Garden – Location, Opening hours, Best time to visit

Rugged mountains and white sand bring a sheer beauty and glamour to Dubai. The emirate Dubai had always acknowledged its name for the man’s creativity and ideas. Recently city had become home to so many attractions including Dubai Aquarium, Burj Khalifa etc. Dubai miracle garden is one among it. This miracle garden which features nearly 50 million of flowers and plenty of plants houses the Dubai Butterfly Garden. Dubai is a city that has lots of attractions which make visit worth, your visit to the city would be incomplete without peeping at Dubai Butterfly Garden which belongs to Dubai Miracle Garden. It was added in the year 2015. It is also known for being the “World’s largest covered butterfly garden” which is of 2600 square meters. Even though Desert safaris and shopping are staple attractions of Dubai —but if you are looking for a peaceful environment, then you must visit Dubai Butterfly Garden. What are the key attractions in the Dubai butterfly garden? What is butterfly garden Dubai opening time and does it worth visiting? To make your choice easier, we provide a complete guide on Dubai Butterfly Garden.

Dubai butterfly garden location

Dubai Butterfly Garden, next to Dubai miracle  garden is located in the Dubail land district of Dubai which is nearly 36 km away from the Dubai Airport. It is located right next to the stunning Dubai Miracle Garden. You can easily find the spot as it is in an easily accessible location. You can use public transportation to reach the attraction and have a lovely experience.

How to reach Dubai Butterfly Garden

This garden is located at a very accessible location from the city; a short distance from the airport which would take a half an hour rides.

Bus Route:

You can get into a bus to reach the beautiful butterfly garden. You can take a Bus with number 105 to your destination which is about 25-30 minutes.

Metro route:

You can take a metro from your nearest metro station and get off at Mall of Emirates metro station on the red line. As the Butterfly garden is situated in the heart of Dubai the connectivity is very easy.

Hire a Taxi:

You can hire a taxi from the airport which will cover the distance within half an hour. You can hire a Taxi from First Gulf Bank to the Dubai butterfly garden.

COVID-19 Safety Measures at Dubai Butterfly Garden

• Visitors must undergo thermal scanning before entering the Garden.

• Guests must wear masks at all times when they are at Dubai Butterfly garden.

• Guests need to use hand sanitizers provided at the entrance as well as throughout the garden.

• Garden authorities are given complete right to deny admission to the Garden as well as remove visitors from the attraction if park safety rules are not followed, or guests start showing flu-like symptoms including but not limited to coughing, sneezing and cold with a body temperature of 37.7?.

• Drinking and eating must be limited to the designated areas provided for the visitors.

• Sometimes you may find a queuing system outside to manage entry into the Butterfly Garden. By implementing safety measures and social distancing measures, queuing time may be longer than usual.

• The special terms or conditions will be updated following the official guidance. You can contact the Management of Dubai Butterfly garden before getting in to know the current rules.

Best Time to Visit Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden is open throughout the year for its visitors. As the temperatures remain high during summers, best time to visit Dubai Butterfly Garden is from November to March. Try to reach early as you can avoid crowds and can have a free time. It is better to plan accordingly especially if you have your visit with children.

Things to do at Dubai Butterfly Garden

1. Enjoy the nature in its divinity

This spectacular butterfly garden is spread over an area of 6673 square meters. Stars of the show are domes in the garden which are placed at the Centre. These domes control the climate, with each of them houses millions of butterflies; enjoy its true divinity when you come across this lovely sight. You can also have a look at other perks that make your visit to Dubai Butterfly Garden more enjoyable, especially for families with kids..


2. Domes

Beaded curtains welcome you at the entrance to the domes, which are kept at a temperature of 24°C. The area is covered with greenish plants and colorful flowers. Each path is lined with vibrant foliage which has ivy hanging from the ceiling to give a natural look. When you proceed further, you’ll be greeted with fluttering butterflies flying above the ceiling, chasing each other around the dome. They get perched on nectar stations hanged on the place. You can also sit in the netted gazebos located in each dome so that letting the butterflies come nearer to you. You will definitely love this immersive experience, so don’t miss this great opportunity..


3. Butterfly Museum

You can encounter first at this indoor garden is the Butterfly Museum which features world-class handcrafted designs created out of thousands of butterflies. Here you can see different varieties of butterflies gathered from the different parts of the world, featuring pillars, beautifully sculpted images, and many more. One of the notable pieces is a mural of the Crown Prince of Dubai..


4. Koi Pond

You must not miss Koi Pond, situated in Dome 2 once you are at the Butterfly Garden. The pond is filled with Koi fishes with various sizes. If you are looking for a place to relax as well as to have great pictures then this place is very much ideal. You can also enjoy the chirping of birds along with the soothing effect of running water in this indoor spot. You will definitely love this nature friendly environment. At the end you can go for dining at Dubai butterfly garden. You can see lots of places to dine here..


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